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Presence Produces Progress and Perspective

I lived on a golf course in North Carolina. The view was beautiful and the solitude enveloping. One time, I was walking along the golf cart track getting some much-needed exercise and stress relief. As I walked, I began thinking about how circumstances and situations look from different vantage points. What does a golf course look like from higher altitudes? Based on my past traveling experiences, I know that, at that altitude, a golf course looks pristine and flawless. A second pass at 3000 feet, the course still looks pretty good but flaws start to show up. Hiking in big spaces and at long distances changes perspective too. The mountain in front of you looks like you’d be able to summit in the next hour or two. Six hours later the peak doesn’t look any closer. Back to the golf course; consider how the course appears walking along the golf cart track. Once invisible flaws are now all too apparent. Of course, the opposite is also true. The beautiful details and meticulous care is also obvious. It takes getting down to ground level for the imperfections to become visible and those areas in need of repair, maintenance, and improvement.

Often, it takes getting down to ground level to gain awareness and understand the need for change.

To maintain healthy lives and golf courses, good nutrition is vital. In this life and on this earth there are different varieties of soil; diverse terrain, and an array of plants and grasses necessary for stability and growth. Different seeds for different needs and different purposes. Our lives are similar. We must maintain healthy habits in all areas of life; body, mind, and spirit. There are seeds of doubt, despair, and hopelessness. There are also seeds of hope, inspiration, and love; of confidence, affirmation, and dreams.

All of this planting and cultivation requires maintenance. Without maintenance, it all deteriorates to its lowest common denominator. Without maintenance the greens turned to dirt. The sand traps become overgrown with weeds. Without maintenance, doubt can turn to despair. Our relationships can fall apart and we can lose hope. Maintenance can also be a negative thing. It can keep us from moving forward. It can keep us accepting the status quo. Key to growth is recognizing when good maintenance is needed. Perspective is vital to success. Intentional decision-making is also required to create growth in the right direction. The same is true of our lives, relationships, and flower beds. Movement requires vision and true vision requires movement. What is vision?

Vision is the power of sensing with the eyes. It is seeing. It is vision. There is a sense of depth and dimension. The definition for this article is, “the act of anticipating that which will come to be”. “Vision is a clear mental picture of what could be, fueled by the conviction that it should be.” (Andy Stanley) Vision is a preferred future; a newly considered strategy. (Me, but paraphrased from philosopher Dallas Willard)

Besides maintenance and vision, there must be movement. Maintenance alone will not promote and produce growth or momentum. Vision alone will not produce a shift towards the desired outcome. A decision must be made for personal growth to occur, and the decisions must be intentional and deliberate. A wise Hebrew once said, “Where there is no vision, people are unrestrained and out of control.

So the question is, what part of planting seeds, setting goals, maintenance, and movement toward my vision are within my control? Can I control what seeds were planted in me as a child? No. Do I control decisions made at corporate levels unless I am an executive? No. Do I control my attitude about those seeds? Yes. Do I control allowing those seeds to take root in my life?. Totally. Do I control my own decisions and choices? Absolutely.

Coaching can help with these choices and decisions. A collaborative conversation can aid you in creating a space for reflection and sound decision-making. A coach can help with movement toward your goals. Helpful conversations between you and your coach can bring powerful change; change that you deliberately acknowledge, except, and act upon. Coaching challenges status quo thinking. The coach, along with yourself, address barriers and blind spots that challenge and prevent positive, life-changing growth. It is the walk along the golf cart track. All of this is done in a trustful, growth-oriented, and safe environment. The outcome is gained traction and movement towards your desired outcome for your career, your relationships, and your life.

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