What people are saying about Jay Powers

Dr. Mark Jordan, Lt. Colonel, United States Air Force, Auburn University

When Jay asked me to write an introduction for his website, I jumped at the chance.  I’ve become good friends with Jay over the past two years even though our personalities are polar opposites.  However, I see characteristics and attributes in Jay that transcend personality and drew me in as a colleague and close friend.  

            Jay cares.  Of the tens of thousands of people I’ve encountered in my 25-year Air Force career and my 11 years as a Professor of Management, few have had the ability to 1) make any one they are talking with feel that they are the most important person in the room; 2) be totally interested in what is being said, and 3) affirming, validating, and encouraging them with relevant questions so they are motivated to make changes related to where they are and want to be.  Jay has this ability in spades.  It’s not unusual for us to be at lunch and the next thing I know Jay is deep in conversation with a complete stranger, coaching and encouraging them in some way.

            Jay is curious.  It’s not unusual for him to be reading 6-7 books at a time, learning and pondering new ideas and ways to connect and help people.  His quest and hunger for information is never-ending.  His desire for growth and learning is to be better equipped to help and encourage others.

            Jay is committed.  When Jay commits to something, take it to the bank. He has a keen sense of areas of improvement and aggressively seeks feedback and strategies to get better.  He started a journey of study, reflection, and journaling a year ago to understand self and strengthen his faith and has been undeterred in that journey.

            Jay is contagious.  Attitude is contagious. Jay’s attitude in anything he commits to spreads.  Whether it’s his humor, insights, ideas, wisdom, care for others, or depth of knowledge, one can’t help but be drawn in.  He moves people in ways they already wanted to move, but didn’t know how or have the courage to step into.  This is a gift. 

            Jay is a coach.  He most certainly has the credentials for this with his experience in the Navy, his many years in human resources at Eaton Corporation, and his professional coaching certification through the University of Texas.  When you put his professional credentials with the attributes listed above, you have a partner that cares.  Jay has a good sense of who he is and the courage to step out. He can’t help but coach…it is who he is!  I count it as my honor to call him friend, brother in the faith, colleague, and my coach.

Nolen Moore, Human Resources Manager, Baker Hughes, a GE company

I worked with Jay at Eaton in Shawnee, OK--one of the most demanding, yet rewarding, Eaton plants an HR Professional can work. Having worked HR off and on for over 25 years I can honestly say I have never seen a better Employee Relations expert or Managerial Coach than Jay Powers. He has the uncanny knack of getting at the heart of an issue quickly while nearly simultaneously rendering perfect on-the-spot coaching that not only solves the issue, but motivates everyone around him. And all this with an unconditional positive regard toward all that is uplifting and simply amazing to witness! Hard working, relishes 360-degree criticism, intelligent, a great teammate, and politically acute … Jay Powers can do it all.

Jason Duncan, VP Human Resources, Cimarron Energy

One of the things I admire the most about Jay is his way with people. In our profession you have to be straightforward with all stakeholders, but at the same time you want to enhance relationships. This can be difficult when delivering unwelcomed news (i.e. correcting performance issues, managing up, etc). Handling these types of conversations in a manner that improves relationships is just one of the many talents that he has perfected into an art.

Aravind Melatur, Lead Systems Engineer, Eaton Corporation

Over the past few months, Jay has coached me in having several crucial conversations with people both in personal and professional life. His tips and techniques have helped me gage situations and people and have conversations that have yielded positive results. Above all, Jay is a wonderful human being who I am comfortable confiding in without fear of being judged. Thank you for being there for me whenever I needed you…

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