We Live Out What We Believe

A respected and gifted teacher of mine, Putty Putman, says, "We be-living what we believing." I have heard him say this several times with regard to individual and group world views. Collins dictionary, online defines world view as, "The way a person sees and understands the world, especially regarding issues such as politics, philosophy and religion."  It is also about how a person perceives the world. We often talk about "perception as reality". I have found that to be generally true but it is also just as true that perceptions can be wrong; and perceptions can be changed to be accurate perceptions.

Our world view determines what reality is for us. Reality and our perception of it can be aligned or...not. This brings us to another area of importance; consciousness or awareness. 

Behavioral scientists talk about awareness or consciousness in several categories.

First is unconscious incompetence. We don't know what we don't know. We have no awareness about where we are, what we need to do, and why we are stuck. Just because we don't know we need help, doesn't mean we don't (need help). Also be encouraged that we all experience this from time to time. Awareness is part of the learning process. 
Next is unconscious competence. Somehow we experience successes but we don't know how or why it happens. Jim Blasingame says, "Not knowing what got you where you are is part of the definition of lost."  This kind of success is haphazard at best and is not sustainable or consistent. 

Third is conscious incompetence. We know we don't have the knowledge, skills or ability to do something. It is OK to be ignorant. It is not OK, once you have awareness, to stay ignorant. This is actually a great launching pad for learning and growing and leads us to conscious competence.

The consciously competent person has learned, acquired knowledge and developed skills. We can decide and choose to maximize all of those things and combine them with God-given gifts and characteristics and become intentionally successful; in any area of life we choose.

How do we achieve conscious competence? We start by taking a hard look at ourselves. This process is not enjoyable or easy. Telling ourselves the truth can be painful. Getting our ego out of the way allows us to identify blind spots and choose to do one of the most challenging things in life...CHANGE.

Coaching is invaluable in the self-analysis process. A coach is not your friend or your cheerleader. An effective coach cares enough about you and your situation to tell you the truth and then aid you in the process of creating deliberate strategies for success. This is true for your professional life, your personal life and your spiritual life. Think about this; we often compartmentalize different elements of our life. In fact; they all overlap and intersect.

If you feel stuck or really ARE stuck, ask for help. Talk to someone. It may be the most important action of your life.

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