We talk about change often; so much so that actually changing gets lost in the noise. Lately I have been hearing alot about transformation. When people talk about change (which is constantly) it has a temporary sound and feel to it. If I change then I can change back to what I was, where I was, when I was. Transformation implies to me that we do not and cannot go back. Like the often overused metaphore of the caterpillar and the butterfly. Once the transformation occurs we can never be caterpillars again. And, who would want to go back? Transformation starts in the heart and the head. First, we have to be aware that transformation needs to occur. One cannot change if one does not have an awareness of the need. Next, we have to disire transformation. Waiting for God or someone else to magically zap us into transformation leaves most of us dissappointed and at worst, bitter and cynical. Then we have to cultivate behaviors and skills that show us how to actually embrace transformation. Knowledge includes creating new habits, dropping old ones and intentionally embracing that which aids in bringing transformation. Next we must be able to demonstrate that we can actually change. As the leaders at Prosci posit, "New behaviors are successfully achieved and the future state starts to take shape. With demonstrated ability, tranformation is realized." Finally, and probably most critical, is sustaining the transformation. This area can be a little fuzzy because we said that transformation is a one way ticket for change. There is no going back. The battleground here is the mind. We can actually change our behavior and still not have changed our mind. Ancient Greek writers said, "Be transformed by the renewing of your mind." What does that mean? The word transformed in the original Greek is "metamorphoĊ", which is where our english word "metamorphosis" comes from. As we adopt a growth mind-set and embrace a "willing to be willing" attitude, transformation will take place.

Ask yourself; what part of setting goals, motivation, and movement toward my goals are within my control? Did we control what seeds (positive or negative) were planted in us as children? No. Do we control our attitudes about those seeds? Yes. Do we now control what seeds we allow to take root in our lives? Most certainly. Do we control our own decisions and choices? Absolutely.

Coaching can be an invaluable resource for helping with important choices and decisions. The coaching process has proven to aid in creating a space for reflection in one’s mind, resulting in sound decision-making. In collaboration with you, a trusted coach is a partner in creating awareness, movement and action. Helpful conversations between you and your coach can bring powerful change; change that you can learn to deliberately acknowledge, accept and act upon. Coaching challenges status quo thinking.

Samuel Grafton said, “A penny will hide the biggest star in the Universe if you hold it close enough to your eye.” 
Perspective, our point of view or attitude toward something, makes all the difference in the world.

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