Change can be a very challenging thing. We are faced with it constantly. Some change we are covertly unaware of; getting older, for example. One day we wake up and we are just older. We don’t realize it until it is done. Other changes are very drastic, immediate and in our face, like a car jacker, who jumps in our vehicle at the traffic light. 

The hardest thing about change is taking the first step. BASE jumping for example. Who in their right mind wants to jump off a thousand foot building? What compels us to rappel off a perfectly good cliff or spend all of our money on a risky business proposition? What holds us back? Most of the time, it is fear. Who holds us back? Most often, it is us.
I have said for years that, “Anything worth having, is usually hard to get.” Those really desired things, a strong relationship, a satisfying career, success in a particular endeavor, all take hard work. They don’t happen in a vacuum. 
When confronted with the need for change we can do one of three things; not change, procrastinate, or choose to change. Some changes are immediate. Most, though, are a process of trial, error, and growth on the installment plan. My wife Laurel and I have our wedding vows printed and framed and hanging on the wall of our bedroom. After thirty-five years of marriage I can tell you that you don’t need your vows when things are going great in your relationship. You need them when things have gone sideways, when a storm is brewing, when you don’t like each other. The relationship and those commitments to growing, loving, and changing are worth the struggle and overcoming obstacles to achieve. 

One of the scariest places to be in life is at the proverbial fork in the road and not being able, or willing to, make the necessary decisions associated with making a change for the better. Having a trusted advisor, mentor, friend, or coach is vital to good decision making. At the end of the day when we really desire to change and move toward achieving our goals, dreams or vision, we will. Go ahead, take the first step. Conquer fear, be courageous, and jump.

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