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Perspective - June, 2018

Persman balancing on stumps on beachpective is vital to successful change. There must be deliberate, intentional decisions made to create awareness and  motivation to begin growing in the right direction. Movement requires vision and true vision requires movement.  Vision can be defined as the power of sensing with the eyes. It is seeing. It is vision.


Change - June, 2018

2 mountain climbers at the peakChange can be a very challenging thing. We are faced with it constantly. Some change we are covertly unaware of; getting older, for example. One day we wake up and we are just older. We don’t realize it until it is done. Other changes are very drastic, immediate and in our face, like a car jacker, who jumps in our vehicle at the traffic light.


We Live Out What We Believe - June, 2018

man at peak of snowy mountainA respected and gifted teacher of mine, Putty Putman, says, "We be-living what we believing." I have heard him say this several times with regard to individual and group world views. Collins dictionary, online defines world view as, "The way a person sees and understands the world, especially regarding issues such as politics, philosophy and religion."  It is also about how a person perceives the world. 



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